Just be honest.


Honesty has a way of defining discernment— the judgement upon the value or quality of something. Through discernment you start to build constraints around that something. And from constraints I believe comes creativity. But it all starts with finding what is honest. This is my approach to the creative process.

  1. myCME

    myCME allows doctors to continue their education on-the-go. The app was developed for both iOS and Android devices.

    • Haymarket Media
      • UI Designer
      • Front-end developer
  2. FreightlinerTrucks.com

    Freightliner Trucks re-branded to communicate their heritage of innovation and focus on smart business.

    • Freightliner Trucks
      • Art Director / Lead Designer
  3. Whoferhoom

    Whoferhoom is a guessing game about the genders of 'Missed Connections' postings. This was my first personal iOS app that I saw from conception to execution.

    • Anton Legoo
      • Art Director / Designer
      • Objective-C Development
  4. AMT3

    "World's best transimission site" - Dave Selden, 2010.

    • Freightliner Trucks
      • Art Director / Designer
      • Flash Development
  5. Dollar Dreamer

    A dollar is your ticket to dream. You can fold it into a ship, but Powerball will turn that dollar into a yacht.

    • Oregon State Lottery
      • Art Director / Designer
      • Motion Graphics
      • Sound Design
  6. Megamillionizer

    The "Megamillionzer" allowed users to use Augmented Reality to envision what it would be like to win the lottery. Record your experience and enter for a chance to win prizes.

    • Oregon State Lottery
      • Flash Development
      • Research and Development
  7. Ifiwin

    How would you help your communtity if you won the lottery? Ifiwin was a collection user's altruistic pledges posted from Twitter, an interactive banner ad and the site itself.

    • Oregon State Lottery
      • Flash Development
      • Rich Media Ads
      • Twitter Integration
  8. Innovation Truck

    Freightliner's Innovation Truck is the batmobile of semi-trucks. It is sleek, innovative, and mysterious. The microsite allowed the user to experience the many features of the truck interactively.

    • Freightliner Trucks
      • Art Director / Design
      • Flash Development
  9. Force Fate Apps

    Nike engaged the Canadian youth during the Vancouver Olympics with a series of Facebook profile apps. With "Podium Props", a fan's messages to their favorite olympiads would be projected on a building in downtown Vancouver each night during the Olympics. "Fate Photo" allowed users to create a Facebook profile picture by placing their head inside the Canadian Olympic hockey jersey.

    • Nike
      • Flash Development
      • Facebook Development